Friday, December 23, 2016

Papa's 60th Birthday Trip

For my dad's 60th Birthday the FORD family rented a house in Los Oso's and enjoyed all the sites up north.  Such a memorable trip and would love to return again.
Our first stop with just our family was in Solvang, a cute little Danish village.  Loved our cute little hotel complete with a delicious continental breakfast.  Dan has always made fun of me for always wanting a hotel with a continental breakfast but he was quit impressed with the food!!!

My sweet friend Kaycee Riggins is from Los Oso's so she was able to give us a bunch of ideas of things to see and do while up north.  The Avila Barn was super cute but Noah was in quit the mood so we didn't get to really enjoy seeing all the animals and having a nice lunch.
We then went and ate on the pier in Avila Beach.  It was pretty darn expensive but it was cool that our table looked down into the water.
Second night with just the Brashear's was in Pismo.  Loved our hotel that sat on the edge of a cliff over looking the water, such a beautiful place.

We finally made it to Los Oso's to join with the the FORD clan.  Not too sure why I didn't get a picture of the house we stayed at.  It was quit the house, complete with a panoramic view of Morro Bay.  Our first stop was Montana de Oro.  Loved the sand or should I say tiny little pebbles, I wanted to collect all the soft pebbles and take them home with me.

We then took a trip to Hearst Castle.  This was our first time ever going and of course the boys were bored with the tour.  This place was pretty amazing though, wish we had spent more time exploring the grounds.

Brown Butter Cookie Co. in Cayucos was so cute and very tasty.
Moro bay and a ton of sea otters just playing in the water, they were so cute.
Too bad Pismo was so dang windy.  I didn't get out of the truck, I was too afraid I would get blown away.  The boys had to dig the wheels out of the sand since I got us stuck, oopsy.
Too bad we didn't get to eat at the Madonna Inn, it was quit the colorful place!

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