Thursday, August 18, 2016

Date Nights with this Guy are the BEST

These are some date nights from March 2015 to present!  We sure don't go enough but when we do I love it.  Dan is one great guy!  Always so sweet, patient, easy going, and fun to be with.  He doesn't give into my bratty ways, there is never fighting with this guy because he never gives into my contrary ways!  I love every minute with this man and am always happy when he is home from work.  He is a wonderful husband, father, and best friend.  I am one lucky lady to have him in my life.

 We found Queenstown Public House in little Italy on a list of the top 25 places to eat in San Diego, so good and cute!

 One of our yearly trips to Vegas.  May 2016 was the first year we didn't go in for I don't even know how long.  We love staying at Mandalay Bay.  Last May we saw the Michael Jackson, "ONE" show- so good.
Drove around La Jolla cove trying to find a new place to eat.  We found the Cottage and loved it!

Always good to be at Beach Camp.  He surprised me with a visit after work.

Attended a beautiful wedding of Dan's long time friend Adam.  Dan loved being able to re-unite with all his buddies, all 3 served a mission in Peru.

Dan loves surprising me but can never keep it in.  I found out the day before that we were going to see Phantom of the Opera and then spend the night at the Seaport Village Hyatt.  One of our very first dates we walked around Seaport village and went to the top of the Hyatt.

Date night at the temple is always a good thing.

Such a great concert seeing CHVRCHES!

Forgive me, I have been away for so very long.  I am determined to update my blog since it has been over a year!  These pictures were taken back in March 2015.  They have grown up so much.  I have lived in Santee all my life and never knew this little place existed!  The aerospace museum in Santee is awesome.  The boys loved getting in the planes and riding around in their own mini plane.