Thursday, April 11, 2013

I think I can...

Recently Noah's cousin Charlotte decided she wanted to take off her training wheels and ride her bike the "big girl" way.  The following week Noah decided to do the same.  The first video was right before Noah almost gave up but we told him he needed to keep practicing.  Within 10 minutes he was able to ride his bike, well at least somewhat.  We are still waiting on the whole balancing and steering at the same time thing but I am sure he is well on his way on riding his bike by himself!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am still waiting on some pictures from my sister but for now this is all I have from our Easter weekend.  This year was different for us.  We went to the desert with my parents and Graham and Whitney.  The boys had a ton of fun dying easter eggs, having an easter egg hunt in the trailer, playing at the pool, and of course riding dirt bikes.  After the fun filled weekend we drove up to Dan's parents house easter sunday.  The boys always have fun with all the Brashear cousins.  The boys had a fun easter egg hunt getting a grand total of $10 in their eggs!  We missed not being at church which is where we needed to be so I am sure we won't be going camping again!  When we woke up Sunday morning in the trailer I asked Noah what "today was" and he replied by saying, "Jesus sacrifice". It was great teaching the YW about the Atonement for the month of March, such a great reminder of the true sacrifice made for each one of us by our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for this knowledge, enabling us to return to our Heavenly Father one day.

Safari Park

Last month we decided to venture up to the Safari Park with Grandma and Grandpa.  We had beautiful weather and a lot of fun with our favorite Brashears!