Monday, October 20, 2008

Babies First Photo Shoot

Thanks to my sister Whitney I was able to get some nice pic's of our baby boy.  I so need a nice camera; any suggestions (it would be a great x-mas idea for my hubby to get me!)

Friday, October 17, 2008


On Tuesday the 14th we took Noah to Disneyland for the first time at 5 weeks!  I know it sounds crazy but my sister and some friends were going and since we get in free I thought why not.  If Noah wasn't doing ok we could just leave since we didn't pay anything but he did awesome; he was such a good boy.  I can't wait until he grows up and can really have fun at the happiest place on earth!

Though Noah loves to be swaddled somehow he always finds away to get his arms out!  This boy is constantly moving when he is awake; even at night I will hear this thud sound and it is him hitting his fists against the mattress while asleep.

So Sleepy

Dad and little baby Noah so tired after a hard days work!!!  I wish I could fall asleep this easy; I can be talking to Dan and the next minute he is asleep with the remote still in his hand!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I can't wait till Noah gets older, I now it just gets better from here.  I can't wait to see all the funny and crazy things he will do.  My niece Sophia is one funny girl.  She takes after her Aunt Whitney, always taking pictures of herself, here is one for your enjoyment!She sure loves her cousin Noah.  She always wants to hold him and is always telling me how soft his head is and that she loves to kiss him.

Gas Boy!

Noah is one gassy boy.  I swear they sound like grown up toots.  I think he even stinks himself out sometimes!!!


This boy loves to be swaddled, he will be crying and right when you wrap him up he stops right away.  I am glad we have AC, otherwise he would be all Sweaty Freddy! 

Bath Time

Noah had his first bath last week.  I wanted to get a picture of his umbilical cord but Dan threw is away before I could, boy's just don't know the sentimental value of things.  The funny thing was is that I was holding him to my chest and when I went to lay him down the cord stuck to my shirt, it was quit lovely!  He loves bath time, he just lays there and doesn't cry at all.  He is so comfy after bath time.

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Our yummy deserts from ROY'S!!!
So yesterday, October 3rd was our 5 year anniversary; wow where does the time go.  We went to an awesome restaurant called Roy's in La Jolla and then went and saw Ghost Town (which was hilarious).  It was very hard leaving Noah but I knew he was in good hands, thank you mom.  I am so grateful for my husband, he is truly my best friend.  I have been waiting to post the first thing I have ever made.  Ever since we were married I always had the idea to use my bridesmaid skirts to create a quilt w/various pic's.  After 5 years I finally did it.  I didn't think I would be the one making it but I am glad my friend made me do it all, with her direction of course.  It was that more special knowing that I made this quilt for Dan all on my own!  I had finished it a couple months ago so it was very hard not giving it to him right away.  So here are some pic's of the quilt I made, it's not perfect but I am very happy in how it turned out.
The 4 different shades of the shiny material (raw silk) were my bridesmaid skirts.

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