Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treating

It is so much fun to carry on a family tradition. Growing up every year all my cousins would come to our house and have pizza before trick or treating which is what we did this year. The kids were running to every house, it was so much fun to see how much Noah got into it this year. Noah was not a fan of these decorations as pictured below!

Halloween Bash 2010

My sisters and I held our second annual Halloween party this weekend and I think everyone had a lot of fun. I was in charge of games and instead of doing fear factor again I had a bunch of different minute to win it games. I must say Jason Budd was a great sport, poor thing had to tie a banana around his waist and hit an orange and poor Don Horn having to put panty hose on his head- thanks for being such good sports!!! All my sisters and my good friend dressed as characters from Sleeping Beauty. I complained the whole time when making my costume but I think it really turned out quit cute, mostly because my sister Erin helped me out a lot! We had a great turn out and everyone had on great costumes.

Us ladies on the dance floor.
Me and my hot vampire husband!
My cousin and his wife won most original costume, very clever sushi roll.
Here are the winners of the game.

Trunk or Treat

This year Noah & Charlotte dressed up as superman & supergirl- they were the cutest cousins ever!

One of the ward members had the classic Thriller song playing repeatedly; Noah couldn't resist from dancing- just like his momma!

Man this boy can look so mean when he's being bossy or giving someone attitude!