Thursday, September 29, 2016

Noah's 2015 School year, 1st Grade

 Noah grew so much in first grade.  Senorita Gillingham was a great, organized, patient 2nd year teacher. 
 Once again, no candy/food. 

 Jog-a-thon, the biggest fundraiser for Noah's school.
Noah has 10 fingers up but it sure looks like he ran 11 laps, per his shirt.   It wasn't too terribly hot that year so I actually got out there and ran with him.

 Character in a can!  Noah was loving Basketball at the time so he chose to do his presentation on Michael Jordan.  Thank goodness for Aunt Michal who is artistic because this mom sure isn't!
International Fair dance.  Noah did so good, he would show us his dance at home- he had it down before the big show!  Their country was India and did a dance to Jai Ho.

Grant's 2015 Transitional Kindergarten

 Grant was so excited the first day of school.  Grant was able to attend Eucalyptus Hills Spanish Immersion Transitional Kindergarten.  After a couple days I think Grant realized just how hard being at school from 0910-2:30 was.  That sure is a long day for a 5 year old and especially with his teacher only speaking Spanish to him.  He cried almost every morning for about 2 weeks, It broke my heart. He wasn't being naughty, some mornings he would sit at the tables before school and silently cry. I would tell him it was ok and he would reply, "I tell my body not to cry, but I can't help it."  One morning he did this and I couldn't stay with him because I had to rush to work, I felt horrible leaving him there crying all alone at the table (I started crying myself when I walked away).  Luckily there are a lot of good moms and one let me know she sat with him and he stopped crying pretty quickly. 

 Some mornings he would say he needed to use the bathroom and then would proceed to play on the stepping stones.
 Story time at Barnes & Noble.  I must say, Grant had the cutest teacher ever.  Maestra Cruz was a great, sweet, patient 1st year teacher and she did amazing!
 Pajama Day along with decorating sugar cookies, our favorite.  Love hoe Grant has his tongue hanging out, that how I was as a child.  

Though it wasn't often, I sure loved being able to see Grant at class.
 Now that school does not allow food for treats one must turn to Pinterest for ideas!
 100th Day of School.  He sure is a cute old man.
 Such a cute day seeing all the kids in the Dr. Seuss parade.

 Muffins with mom (and Grandma).  They also did Donuts with Dad for fathers day.

 Field Day for the last week of school.  When they said they could get wet I didn't realize they would be drenched!  He sure had fun though.  

 Ice-Cream party for the last day of school.  We sure were ready for the summer to start filled with beach days, swimming, and just relaxing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2015 in a Nutshell

Since I have been such a slacker and haven't posted anything in 2015 or 2016 I thought I would just put all of 2015 into one big post!
 Children's Museum
 One of our many trips to Disneyland all thanks to Uncle David getting us in free!
 First egg hunt at Santee Lakes with the "playgroup" friends.

 Surprised we dyed eggs at our house, it's usually at Nana's with cousins. Who needs chairs when you can sit on the counter!
 Wild Animal Park.  Surprised how long they wanted to stay in the petting zoo, they have never been fans.
 When you have sisters with the same taste your bound to show up wearing the same thing, this has happened on multiple occasions!
 What, you don't play with pizza dough while at Fillipo's!!!

 Grant didn't quit get the hang of it!
 First lost tooth, about time!
 Always celebrating a Birthday in May.  We even got to play hooky from school and spent the night in Nana and Papa's trailer at the beach!
 Took a long walk over to Grandma and Grandpa Ford's old residence.  As a child we always played around this pond that was in their backyard.
 Swim lessons at the Fletcher Hills pool.
 Love when our Virginia Beach Brashear cousins come to visit.
 Love all my beautiful sisters and mother.  Always fun to spend time with them.  We were able to stay at the US Grant in celebration of mind and Whitney's birthdays.  It's always a great time with the ladies.
 Love spending time with my beautiful sisters and mother.  We were able to stay 1 night at the US Grant, eat at delicious Puesto, dance the night away, and then spend the next day shopping!
 Dan doesn't mess around when he gets a Nothing Bundt Cake, so delicious and fancy!
 Messy hair and I don't care.  Just glad this kid will actually wear a hat, it took awhile to convince him!
 I don't care if these boys crawl in bed with me, I'll take it as long as I can- they are growing up way too fast.
 August, first soccer practice with AYSO.
 Thanks to my awesome friend Kasey Riggins we are able to enjoy the bay weekly during the summer and enjoy her parents toys in Mission Beach.
These kids were dancing fools all night while at the Corvette Diner, their first time going and loved it!

Noah's face after his first GOAL!!!
We are big fans of Seaworld's Spooktacular, FREE CANDY!
No longer can we do themes with the girl cousins.  The boys were power ranger's the last couple years and decided to switch it up and be ninja's (just a side note they are both being ninja's again in 2016 by their request.  I guess they are all about 2 years in a row!)

Was so proud of this boy, he did an awesome job at his first Violin concert.  Wish he liked it, it was a fight to go to practice every Saturday.  Noah just loves sports and has no desire to play an instrument at this time and I was done fighting him!!!
I have lived in Santee all my life (minus 5 years) but have never gone inside the Museumm of Creation & Earth History.  I received free tickets so I thought we'd give it a try.  It was actually pretty cool inside, though Noah wasn't a fan of all the dead insects!  I had always thought it was a weird church.  Though there was some random chapel inside the museum showed the steps in creation, the human body, different animals, and a lot more.
THE BEASTS, trying saying that! Noa's first season was awesome, they only had lost 1 game.  Noah learned a lot of great skills, coach Dave was awesome, and ended the season with an awesome trophy!