Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santee Festivities!

Good ole' Santee had the lighting of the Christmas tree last night with some fun activities including: carriage rides, ice (plastic) skating, Bands, & the best entertainment of all was the Santee Stake choir! We had a lot of fun, it was nice to get the holiday spirit started. The first picture of Dan holding Noah to the side is a lovely shot of Noah's one snaggle tooth. He has had this one tooth on the stop for weeks now, I am not too sure if the other one will ever come in!


On Veterans day my sister & her girls went with us to Disneyland. It was crazy busy but overall we had a fun time. Noah wasn't too sure of the rides since they were all in the dark, he never cried but was sure close. I think Dan finally realizes that he's a little too young right now to really appreciate the fun to be had at Disneyland. Charlie was going crazy in the long lines, always taking off running- you can't blame the child for wanting to get to the front! By far the 3d toy story ride at California Adventure was our fav.


These two are best buds. Noah & Charlotte are about 7 months apart & I know once Noah gets older they will always being playing with each other. Charlie thinks she is so much older, she puts her hands on her knees as she is crouching down to say "NOAHH", always giving him kisses & helping him getting around by holding his hand. Noah just loves Charlie, he gets so excited when they hang out. I can't wait to see these two grow up together!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sorry, this one is a little long- I can't figure out how to edit it. Anyway, Noah just loves music. I was watching Glee the other day & they started singing. Noah stops playing & starts dancing, play close attention to his cool shoulder moves. I swear whenever he hears music his shoulders start moving & he gets the biggest smile on his face, he loves dancing!

Mr. Guitar Player!

I am telling you this boy is gonna be a rockstar some day! He is always picking up his guitar to play it, we never even showed him how- he is just a natural!!! He cracks me up, I love watching him play- he gets so into it.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Octomom & her Paparazzi!

Dan did a good job of being the paparazzi for the night, taking pictures of everyone walking in the door! This wasn't the cutest halloween costume, but I had fun with it!

Halloween Bash Cont...

Halloween Bash

This past Friday my sisters & I had a halloween party which I think was a success. We ended up having close to fifty people, so thank you so much mom & dad for allowing us to have it at your house. Everyone's costumes were awesome, here are a few pic's below. We had lots of yummy food, a dance floor for everyone to get their groove on, & a fun game of Fear Factor. I wish I had my video camera during the game. We first started with a maze with mouse traps blind folded, everyone would scream anytime someone got close to it. Someone was actually brave enough to go barefoot & one mouse trap snapped closed on poor Robert's big toe! Then the top 6 couples moved on to the next round which was eating either liver or clams with whip cream. There were a few people gagging but only my brother threw his clams up! Finally the top three couples moved onto a relay race. They first had to dig through a cat box full of pee & poop (vinegar & melted tootsie rolls of course) find the key, unlock their partner & then pop a balloon to find the number of times they had to shoot their partner with a paintball gun! This was all timed & didn't stop until they actually shot their partner. I think everyone really had a lot of fun, Jack & Jill won the game! Hopefully we can make next years even better, we'll just have to wait & see! Above are some pic's of the game & all the fun decorations.