Friday, June 13, 2014


We are always spending the day at Seaworld!  Recently they have some awesome art displays.  A non-profit organization in Oregon takes all the trash they find on the beach and makes art out of them.  This fish is made only from trash on the beach. 

Dan finally was able to go to Seaworld with us.  We went over Memorial weekend which was a big deal because Noah's favorite show had just started up again for the summer.  Every time Noah asks to go see the Cirque De La Mer show and I always have to tell him it isn't open yet.  So he was so excited that it was. We got there nice and early so we could get front row seats.  Noah wasn't happy with this choice and I didn't quit understand why.  It wasn't until the opening act that I figured out why.  He is so shy and was afraid he would get picked to come up to the front and perform with the sea creatures!  So being the nice wife that I am when they were looking to pick someone I secretly pointed to Dan!  I was so excited when he got picked, him not so much!  As you can see in this video he was at least a good sport about it.  In one of the videos Noah is trying to stop me from filming since he wasn't happy Dad was up there!!!  Such a fun time, something I won't forget.

This is a prime example why I am sad to leave Lakeview.  Noah's school is so small and intimate.  I hope Riverview with its 13 Kindergarten class's next year won't overwhelm Noah.  I am hoping they still do special things like Lakeview.  The Spanish classes (5 total) put on a Mother's Day program.  They did a dance and a song, it was the cutest thing ever.  Though Noah and his partner were behind the 3 boys in the front I could see that Noah loved every minute of it.  He had a huge smile on his face and he didn't miss a step.  At the end they then passed out roses to the mothers and the kids had made a flower with a picture of Noah and I in the middle.  Such a fun night.  Noah performed it for the whole family the next couple of days with Charlotte as his partner!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dan's Birthday Celebrations...

It was so fun to have Dan's parents come and visit us for the day in May.  We first went to the Ruben H. Fleet Center at balboa park.  We watched a movie in the awesome dome theater then played around with all the fun things the museum had to offer.  The fun little tower Grant is sitting by inspired me to have some fun then Dan later joined in.  We then went to Mission Vally where Dan proceeded to buy 3 pairs of shoes for his birthday, mine and his mom's treat!  We finished the night at the delicious cheese cake factory.  After waiting an hour for a table we finally got sat, only to find out we were to sit outside where it was getting cold and windy. Luckily Dan's dad spoke up and got us a nice spot inside.  Dan got his usual parmesan crusted chicken and I of course got the delicious chicken madera meal.  By then we were stuffed but it was a celebration for Dan's bday so we had to get some yummy dulce de leche cheesecake!
We always seem to find ourselves in Vegas for Dan's birthday.  This year however we were unable to find tickets to attend Coachella with the rest of the clan so we settled for Vegas!  Since we were to go to Utah the end of May we figured we could squeeze Vegas in the month of April instead.  Besides having hotel reservations at our favorite spot at Mandalay Bay we had no other set plans.  During our drive to vegas I decided to look up ticket master to see what was going on for the weekend we would be there.  We were so excited to find out that Ellie Goulding (one of the performers at Coachella that we were sad we were missing) was playing op top of the Cosmopolitan.  It was so crazy when we got there, the end of the line was clear to the opposite end of the hotel.  We were afraid we were too late but found ourselves close to the front of the stage.  She put on such an amazing show, we had so much fun.  The view on top of the hotel was awesome, able to see the whole strip.  We can't wait to see another show here, such a great venue.
For the actual day of his Birthday I got reservations at Ruth's Chris which is always delicious.  Dan is all about fancy restaurants, calamari, steak and a good date!!!  We then walked around downtown and enjoyed the views of the harbor and great weather.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband and thankful I get to celebrate the day of his birth every year.

Easter 2014

 Noah's first Easter egg hunt at school.  He was so excited when he found his #5 eggs!  Love that Lakeview does this (sure gonna miss this school next year).
 Fun day at the zoo with friends and the creepy Bunny!
 So much fun at the Eggstravaganza this year, lots of free stuff.  We were especially excited about all the free chic fil a food!!  Since we went to Grandma's house for Easter we enjoyed a yummy bar-b-q and an easter egg hunt the day before at Nana's house.
So their outfits aren't super eastery but I sure think they are pretty dang handsome!

International Act of Happiness

So one of my lovely friends Anna was determined to make someone happy and spread the word that it was International Act of Happiness Day (back in March!).  I was a little hesitate to go, a little embarrassed I would see someone I know while on the corner of Mission Gorge (the main street in Santee).  When I arrived Anna had free water and happy face mints for passerbys.  It was pretty awesome to see the kids get so excited when someone waved at them.  When someone would walk by they would look at us like we were crazy and decline the water.  It really is so sad that we as a society can't be a little more friendly and happy.  I am so glad we did this, the boys talked about it for days.  So thankful for a great friend that finds the good in people and enjoys life to the fullest.