Friday, May 28, 2010

Lets go Padres!

For Dan's birthday Rick & Erin got him tix to the Padres vs. the Dodgers. The kids loved it, they just played in the sand most of the time. We have such an amazing stadium, they have a lot of fun stuff for the kiddos. I guess it's to be expected since everyone is drinking but there were some people giving Noah a little too much attention. One girl grabs his hand & takes a picture with him, then this guy behind us kept grabbing Noah's hand & giving him hi fives & teaching him how to punch the kids picking on him, then the creepiest part was when Dan was changing Noah's diaper & this man stops & says "good job" & then just stood there watching Dan change his diaper- why are people so weird & creepy. All in all we had a great time. Anytime the crowd would start cheering Noah would stop what he was doing & get a big grin on his face & start clapping.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can't get enough of Disneyland

May 7th was Dan's birthday so we headed up to Disney to meet up with Dan's parents. It was a perfect day; Noah in a good mood, perfect weather, short lines- what more could one ask for! Noah just loves taking pic's, he kept saying "cheese" in all the ones of him on the stairs. It was so cute because all these young teenage girls were standing there smiling at him & saying how cute he is, he is such a flirt!

Congrats Whit...

I just wanted to say congrats to my younger sister Whitney for her graduation last Friday the 21st from SDSU. She is such a smart girl & know she will be an awesome teacher! Then the next day my sisters, mom, & I threw a bridal shower since Whit will FINALLY be getting married next Friday, June 4th. We did the classic game in seeing how much she knows her soon to be hubby, having to chew a big piece of gum every time she got an answer incorrect. Then my sister Michal found a new game I hadn't seen done before. The scenario was that the on the first night as a newly wed couple the electricity went out & Whitney had to get all dolled up for Graham in the dark! It was so funny watching her, I guess Whit isn't too sure where underwear & bra's go since she had them backwards!!!