Friday, October 29, 2010

Oma's Pumpkin Patch 2010

Oma's Pumpkin Patch was a ton of fun, from riding the hayride to sledding on cotton seed or even playing basketball we all had a great time.

Last year at Oma's Farm Noah was screaming when trying to have him pet the animals. This time he just stood back so hopefully next year he will actually pet the animals- taking baby steps!!!

Disneyland AGAIN

The first week of paternity leave Dan took Noah to disneyland and since he loves it so much we all went back the next week! Grant was only 2 weeks old and did awesome, he literally slept the whole day away. Luckily the Hyatt upgraded us to a family suite where they had double doors to separate the 2 rooms. Noah had his own buck-bed which he loved and was never awoken by Grants screams through out the night! I never thought a 2-year-old would love disneyland so much. Noah would run to every ride, Buzz Light Year and Autopia being his favorite! I definitely think one day would have been sufficient because I could hardly walk the second day, I think I had over done it but it was worth seeing Noah so excited to be there.

Grants first ride on Its a Small World.

Noah was all about hugging the characters this time around which is funny because the week before he wanted nothing to do with them. Once we got up to chip and dale he started freaking out but eventually warmed up to them and gave them a nice hug!

I don't think he stopped telling us through out the day the he hugged goofy, he was so excited to give lots of hugs!


Why does this kid still sleep with one eye open, creepy!! Noah has to sleep with his blanket and "monkey's"- too cute.

Grant and Dad are just alike!

Noah is such a good brother, always wanting to hold his little brother and give him kisses.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Grant

Grant Thomas Brashear arrived at 8:32 am October 6th weighing 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. At 2 in the morning I was awoken by some labor pains that wore off but then began again at about 3:30 and continued until 4:30. I wasn't too sure if I should go in since the contractions were only lasting about 20 seconds but were about 2-3 minutes a part. By 5 am I couldn't take the pain any more so we headed down to Grossmont Hospital. Upon admission they said I was 4 cm and my bag of water was bulging but hadn't ruptured. After an hour and a half which felt like eternity I finally got an epidural. Upon shift change, about 7:30 a.m. I told the new nurse that I was feeling a lot of pressure & when she checked me she couldn't believe that I was already fully dilated and ready to push. I swear I was probably at a ten for awhile since I had been feeling the pressure for quit some time. Just like my delivery with Noah we had to wait for the doctor to arrive and once she did she broke my water & after about ten minutes of pushing Grant arrived! Noah arrived after 2 pushes but I wasn't so lucky with Grant. I am pretty sure my epidural had started to ware off towards the end because the pain was so bad, I could feel his shoulders coming out & the doctor having to twist him around when he was coming out. I remember the doctor asking the nurse to keep pressing the button to get more medication, the epidural luckily kicked in a little better when she was stitching me up. All in all I can't complain, everything went perfect & we now have a healthy beautiful baby boy!!!
Before Grant's first bath he decided he would relieve himself!!!
Noah wasn't too sure what too think about his little brother but once Grant gave him his present, Noah thought he was the Best Brother ever!!!