Monday, January 31, 2011

Mormon Battalion

This past weekend we had the pleasure in attending the Pioneer Day down in Old Town. The kids had fun panning for gold, making woofums (who knows how to spell this but they are most delicious), doll making, washing clothes, games and so much more. It was such a beautiful day and fun was had by all.

Fun in the Park

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seaport Village

I can't really remember the last time we have gone to Seaport Village, I forgot how fun it is. We went this past Monday and it was gorgeous, sunny blue skies & 85 degrees in the middle of January! We spent a ton of money on food, rode the 100 year old carousel, and watched all the fun entertainment. We are so lucky to live in San Diego. Seaport Village will always be special for Dan and I since this is one of the destinations on our first date!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


We have been to the zoo plenty of times but this day was extra special. This orangoutang was right up to the glass just playing with Sophia. One of the zoo employees was telling us that he was raised by humans so he is very friendly. It was also freezing and being the smart person that I am I didn't put a jacket on Noah. He never complained since he was running everywhere, but his lips look a little purple in this picture-woopsy!

Christmas Day

I have to explain the picture above. I took the initiative to switch up our family tradition this year which I now know was not a smart idea! We always do the basic gift exchange so this year I thought we would make it into a game since I am all about games. Every time you roll doubles you can steal a present that you want. My family is so competitive so we got a little too crazy. Dan's family plays this and it is a lot of fun, not a yelling fighting match! We still had a lot of fun but I think we will stick to the regular picking of names!!!


Having yummy food at my uncle Matt's on Christmas Eve. My uncle smokes turkey, roast beef, pork, & brisket- it was so very delicious. It was great being able to visit with my Grandma Ford which I know I need to do more.

A family must is to look at all the fun lights at Starlight Circle. Noah of course loved the Toy Story theme since that seems to be his favorite movie right now.

Disney at Christmas

Can't miss Disney during Christmas. It was so much fun watching the awesome fireworks & then having it snow on us (aka bubbles)! The boys did great, this was Grant's second trip but his first time on rides along with Noah's first time on the Manahorn (needless to say, he was not a fan).