Friday, January 23, 2009

First time at the Beach

Poor baby boy got his first cold so by the end of our little photo shoot at the beach he was so done.  I just can't believe how beautiful the weather was. It was in the mid 70's & in other places it is freezing with Snow, I guess its the price we pay to stay in sunny San Diego!  I can't wait for the summer, I hope baby Noah is a beach lover like his momma!

Poor Chargers, better luck next time!!!

So I better get use to having a boy, I guess this is what they are supposed to wear when watching football games according to Dad.

Tortured by Dad!!!

So Dan is all about tummy time.  I always feel bad because he starts crying right away.  The other night I get home from work to find my poor baby boy sleeping on the floor.  Dan said he cried, maybe even screamed for a couple of minutes, tired himself out & fell asleep.  He looked so cute but I felt bad when he woke up because his cheek was all red from the rug.  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's

My mom will probably kill me if she knew I put this up but it was too hard to resist.  Her neck was so bad, she couldn't even move it at all- thanks for still making an awesome dinner!!!
So you know your are getting old when you crash your parents New Years party!  When Dan and I were first married I am sad to admit we went to the single adult New Years party a couple years.  Now with our little Noah we had a nice quiet New Years.  We had a lot of fun, my mom made an amazing meal and then we played some fun games.  I had to work the next day so we didn't even stay until midnight.  Here is how our night ended. Me getting out of the shower, getting dressed for bed, Dan already asleep- 11:55, well I guess Happy New Year to me!!!

Christmas 08'

Noah's walker from Grandma Brashear.

Christmas with Noah was wonderful, I can't wait until he is older and knows what is going on.  He was so great during present opening because we know how long that takes at the Ford household! I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone, it always goes by too fast.  Noah loves his Nana & Papa.  Dan is a little scary, watch out for him on the paintball field- he's deadly now with his new gear!