Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mid July we had the adventure of a lifetime in beautiful Yosemite.  The boys loved every minute of it, so much exploring for them to do.  Though the boys were not a fan of the last minute family photo shoot, I must say I think they turned out pretty darn good- thanks Whit.  The first night we were there I was up most of the night trying not to throw up until about an hour after hanging out in the dark bug infested restroom, relief finally came.  For the next 2 days I was pretty much out of commission.  Then Dan accomplished the beast of a hike otherwise known as Half Dome and then the next day he vomited and then couldn't walk for 2 days!  So for the week we were there the last 2 days were probably the best since Dan and I were both back to ourselves.  Great memories were made and we were so glad we were all able to go together this year.