Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancing Man

So the video at the wedding was way better but the other day Dan turned on some JT & Mr. started dancing right away!!!

Happy Eternities!!!

June 4th my youngest sister Whitney married her long time boyfriend Graham. It was a beautiful sealing with all the family present. Whitney was gorgeous, everything turned out just perfect. Unfortunately I didn't get too many good pictures of the entire family but I will have more to follow once Whit gets her pics back. Also poor Whitney had to deal with all the scaffolding construction going on at the temple this summer, I guess the temple sent her a lot of pictures of the temple so her photographer could photo shop it in so we shall see how that turns out! CONGRATS Whit & Graham.
Noah was all about posing for the camera (at least in the beginning!) I don't know what his deal is with his tongue right now, he loves to stick it out & have someone grab it!
Here are all my beautiful sisters, it was awesome that we were all able to be in attendance for Whit's sealing.
These are all the nieces & nephews. Noah was not up for the picture after Holland tried to give him some loves!!!
This was so cute, during the married couples first dance Noah & Charlotte sat down to watch and then the rest of the kids followed! Noah wasn't on the dance floor for the slow songs but once Lady Gaga was played we couldn't get him off the dance floor. Noah has a great love for music but I didn't realize he loved to dance also. He seriously danced for an hour straight. He would only dance in the front of the dance floor where the lights were & wouldn't let any one dance with him. He was so sweaty, getting crazy on the dance floor. Towards the end I think he was break dancing, he would jump in the air landing on his butt & then twist around- it was so hilarious. Dan got it all on video so I will have some video up shortly.