Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Randomness...

So fun being able to take the boys to see the San Diego Gulls.  I loved doing this when I was little, hockey has to be one of my favorite sports to watch.  We watched a game and then were able to sit right by the ice and watch the Fire Dept. against the law enforcement. 
 It took Noah about 2 weeks to finally be willing to hold his cousin Wren.  He made a statement saying her name was like Kylo Ren from starwars and was afraid to hold her!!!  Now he is obsessed with her and was sad he isn't having a "cute" baby sister.

 Silliness at the ward Valentines party.

Valentines with this guy at Ruth's Chris followed by a walk down by the water.
 This guy can't take a serious picture, EVER.
 After losing our dear friend Mary we were able to participate in the butterfly effect movement.  Noah was the lucky one to find the butterfly and chose to donate the $250 to Mary's 6 beautiful children.
Happy Valentine's Day. I guess Noah wasn't in the mood for a picture.
 So proud of Charlie, deciding to get baptized.  Just a side note, us girls did not plan on wearing the same floral dresses.
 Noah's first season with the Mighty Mights Basketball league.  Coach Mike was so patient and taught all the boys so much.
I thought it would be a great idea to get outside for some exercise and at the same time get lunch.  Of course my boys fought this idea because they would rather play video games.  Not too long after leaving Noah totally ate crap and immediately started crying that he wanted to go home.  I tried drying his blood up with some near by flowers, haha- there was nothing else! After 5 minutes of tears he finally agreed to continue on, of course I had to bribe him with a vanilla bean frap.  This walk was further than I thought and at places there was no sidewalk on a busy street; going through dirt with scooters is not the easiest thing.  Thank goodness aunt Whitney was around the corner and drove us home so we didn't have to make the trek back.

This says it all, Grant is the sugar king.  Any time Nana picks up this boy he asks to go to 711.  I very rarely take them and of course he can't just get 1 thing.
Was happy to throw a fun bachelorette party for this sweet sister of mine, she deserves the best.  Us girls went to dinner and ended the night with some dancing.  Side note, 4 of us showed up in a black dress with a jean jacket!!!
I have lived in San Diego all my life and have never ventured over to the balboa train.  The boys loved the train ride after a fun day at the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa Brashear.
Papa is so awesome, built the kids a 2 story tree house.  Now if we could just get the kids to play up there!

The last couple of years Dan and I have gone to the fair solo, making it a date night.  We finally took the boys and let them go on some rides.  We had a lot of fun with them there with us.
 Dan is so sweet and goes all out with a fancy cake from Nothing Bundt cake, so very yummy.  Can't believe I am 34, getting so old!
Went to the zoo with all the Brashear's and of course the boys wanted to ride the sky-fari with their cousins.  Dan and I went solo and took full advantage of being alone, haha j/k Dan couldn't even kiss me without laughing!
Sweetest man goes to Daniel Brashear.  For my birthday he not only bought me an apple watch but took me to see the Dixie Chicks in July.  I have always dreamed of seeing them and they did not disappoint; Such an amazing concert.

 So thankful for these 2 ladies and their awesome kids.  I can always rely on these girls to stay all day at the beach, we love Coronado. So glad these kids have always gotten along with each other, they've been around each other since they were tiny.
Not the best picture but had to document that one time Dan won VIP tickets to see Weezer in August. We were in the very front row and had catered food, we felt pretty special!  Then in September I won tickets to 1 day at Kaboo (a 3 day music festival at the fair grounds).  I called into the radio only to be caller 10.  Thankfully caller 9 didn't want the tickets after all.  This was my first time ever winning something on the radio- maybe it was pregnancy luck!!!

Dan and the boys first time to the Cabrillo Nation Monument.
 Grant took some convincing but he is now a fan of the suspender!!!  How cute is he.
My new favorite disney movie.  Loved the music, the message, and the setting

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