Friday, December 23, 2016

Jesperson Family Reunion 2015

All because of this handsome fella.  We were able to have such a memorable, fun, family reunion at camp wild wood during Thanksgiving 2015.
The Jesperson clan is quit impressive.  This is about half of all the family, not everyone was able to attend.
We slept in cabins, like 6th grade camp status- complete with bunk beds! Grandpa has always done tee doodely since I was a small child.  All the grand kids and great grand kids know what this means and it was so great to be able to do it with Grandpa J.  Of course we had to honor our dear aunt Judy with the toot salute.  She was such a great woman and will always be remembered for her sense of humor.
By far the most memorable day was when we were able to do the obstacle course.  Everyone had to work hard together or else it wouldn't work.  Dan nearly killed Nate when trying to get over this huge wall.  Our team lost by only seconds but I am pretty sure that was a mistake!!!
Can't wait until 2020 for the next Jesperson reunion.  Grandpa J is now 96 and is going strong so I am sure he will still be there to witness another great reunion.

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