Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa's House

This trip by far was one of our fav's. We were shocked that Noah didn't cry one bit by Santa- he didn't even think twice about smiling for the camera. We had so much fun, Noah loved all the fun toys & lights to look at & of course the free cookies!!! It is so great that a family is willing to sacrifice there time & money buy handing out free gifts, pictures with Santa, drinks & cookies. I hope we are able to attend next year.

Christmas Lights.

I love all the traditions during Christmas, the last couple years we have started to walk through Starlight Circle. Noah loved the lights, alway "ooooh ooooh"- he gets so excited. He loved being with his cousins & eating yummy kettle corn (which he of course choked on!).

Christmas on the Prado.

We make it a tradition to always attend Christmas on the Prado to get us in the spirit. It is starting to get a little too crowded but we still enjoy going. Here are some fun pic's of all the fun we had!

Four sexy ladies, love these girls (love you too Erin)!
The soon to be married couple, thats right Whitney now has a ring!!!
Michal some how wearing 2 different shoes!
Great friends Heidi & Brandon with their cute boy Maddox.
Fun rides & of course yummy food, Noah is always a fan of the french fries!
Dan & Graham with their yearly tradition in getting food from Peru since they both served a mission there.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


This past weekend we went Julian with my sisters family. The kids of course were not interested in shopping but all in all they did great. Sophie & Charlie were all about the snow fights but Noah was not at all a fan, any time someone would throw the snow he would start crying- what a silly boy! I am so thankful for my nieces, Noah has so much fun with them & loves them bunches.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Santee Festivities!

Good ole' Santee had the lighting of the Christmas tree last night with some fun activities including: carriage rides, ice (plastic) skating, Bands, & the best entertainment of all was the Santee Stake choir! We had a lot of fun, it was nice to get the holiday spirit started. The first picture of Dan holding Noah to the side is a lovely shot of Noah's one snaggle tooth. He has had this one tooth on the stop for weeks now, I am not too sure if the other one will ever come in!


On Veterans day my sister & her girls went with us to Disneyland. It was crazy busy but overall we had a fun time. Noah wasn't too sure of the rides since they were all in the dark, he never cried but was sure close. I think Dan finally realizes that he's a little too young right now to really appreciate the fun to be had at Disneyland. Charlie was going crazy in the long lines, always taking off running- you can't blame the child for wanting to get to the front! By far the 3d toy story ride at California Adventure was our fav.