Monday, July 26, 2010

30 weeks Prego...

Couldn't get enough pics at the swing. I found these two best buddies just sitting here playing with each other, they are too cute. I love the face Noah is making at Charlie in the first picture below!

Having Fun

So as I had mentioned before we had a b-day celebration for my grandpa J and it was at my aunt Michal's amazing home. Her front yard is so beautiful, the landscaping is like something you would see in a magazine. We haven't had any cute family pics in awhile so we thought what a prettier place than here.
Noah attempting the fun zip line, he didn't quit get the "hang" of it.

Grandpa J's 90th Birthday Bash!!!

Today is my Grandpa J's 90th Birthday. This past Saturday his children threw an awesome Birthday party filled with singers from the 40's, yummy mexican food, a slide show, & all the funny "Elmer Isms" like "Is Dat Right"! I think he really enjoyed himself along with all of his family & friends. He is such a wonderful man, a true example of humility & never ending sacrifice. Love you G-pa J.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Drumming Session

Noah has been playing drums since he was 1, he loves them. The drums used to be up in my moms attic room & he would play every Sunday but they were taken down quit some time ago. Every time we were at my moms he would say "I play" & then would cry when he didn't find the drums upstairs. Well now that his aunt Whit & uncle Graham have there own place Graham was able to set up the drums again. The other day Whit watched Noah & he got to have a 20 minute jam session, love these pic's- this boy knows how to ROCK OUT!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wild Animal Park

Please note there are some disturbing images if you wish to move on! So it was so awesome how close the elephants were to us until this male elephant decided to go to the bathroom & then afterwards he somehow had FIVE LEGS, take a look!!!

Wow this is a horrible picture but I just realized I have no prego pictures, and I guess for good reason! This is me at 26 weeks, yikes I am huge!!!
Noah loved the Safari ride.

Cheese, Noah is still a fan of getting his picture taken.

Noah had just woke up from his nap, not too awake yet to enjoy the huge gorilla.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"I Potty"

So the other day out of no where Noah says "I go potty" as he is standing by the toilet & pulling at his pants. I thought there was no way he would actually go. I put him on the potty & he would do a few little toots, smile & then get up. I put him back on the toilet probably 3 times & then he finally went & to my surprise he actually went #2! I was so proud I sent a picture of his little present to all my family, I don't think they appreciated that too well so I thought I would spare all you bloggers & just put a lovely picture of a toilet! The next morning he did the same thing but went #1. So I guess I should take the initiative now & get him potty trained before boy #2 comes. If anyone has any helpful tips I am all ears.