Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tired Boy

So those of you who know Noah all too well know that he is a fighter when it comes to falling asleep.  He seems to always scream before falling sleep but Nov. 11th was our lucky day! He was actually just sitting here with me watching TV and actually fell asleep without a fight; I couldn't believe it so of course I had to get a picture!  This is starting to become a common occurrence.  Noah got three shots on Monday for his immunizations.  He was such a good boy, as soon as they were done I picked him up and he stopped crying and then fell asleep in the car.  The rest of the day I could just lay him down on the couch and he would fall asleep without a fight.  Our boy is growing up so fast!  Oh yeah and at his appointment we got all the measurements: he is now 24" long which is in the 95th percentile and is 12 lbs 4 oz which is in the 75th percentile.  I guess his weight is a little low compared to his height but the MD said that is fine, the growth charts are always a little on the high side when it comes to weight. The hard thing though is that all his pants are already getting too short but have never fit quit right around his skinny waist, looks like he has dad's skinny gene!


The 10th of Nov. Dan's parents came with us to Julian (my mom, sister, and brother came also but I didn't seem to get a pic w/them- sorry guys!).  He did so great, thank goodness it wasn't too cold. Oh how I love the fresh apple pie and of course the yummy candy store!

Best Daddy!

Noah couldn't have asked for a better Dad.  Dan is so great with Noah; as soon as he gets home he can't wait to hold him.  I am so grateful to have a husband that is always willing to help out and is such a big part of our little guys life.  Noah fell right to sleep in Dad's arms,  he has the magic touch!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The boys rocking out. (no that is not a real cigarette!)

We had a lot of fun at Brad and Allie's Halloween party, thanks for the good times.  I am sure Whitney will love this pic, that is what she gets for taking ugly pictures with my camera!
This has to be the cutest little-bo-peep and sheep you have ever seen (don't forget the inmate!)

Baby Blessings!

So many babies!!! So last week the 26th was Dan's brother David's baby Aaron's blessing (did you get that!).  It was a beautiful blessing and then the next Sunday was Noah's turn.  We are grateful for our families, we are so blessed to have them in our lives.  
Everyone who participated in Aaron's blessing.
Here is Dan's family except for his brother Mike that lives in Virginia.
Dan and his cute mother Shirley.
Here is almost everyone who participated in Noah's blessing on the 2nd of November.  My dad left early to pick up his mother and my Grandpa somehow disappeared.

Here is the whole clan (minus my dad).  It was such a great day.  There were also 2 other blessings the same day, it is so awesome to see so many new babies in our ward.  Thank you mom for making such a great tasty luncheon for everyone while I was sick in bed, you are the best.

Much Better

So the other day I woke up and decided after six weeks I would finally make my bed!  I always make my bed but since Noah was born I have found that I have been neglecting my house.  I started cleaning at 9 and didn't stop until 3.  There was still so much to be done but I had to get ready for our Corona trip.  Doesn't your room look so much better just by simply making a bed!