Monday, May 30, 2011

Check out this awesome balloon Mickey Mouse Noah got at souplantation. It was so nice; there was a man making animals and this random lady sitting next to us called him over and gave him some money so Noah could have an animal made. Though it took the guy 15 minutes I was quit amazed on how it turned out.


For memorial day weekend we decided to have a little mini vaca. We got a hotel in Carlsbad and spent 2 fun filled days at Legoland. Noah had so much fun, especially being able to drive his own car (he better after waiting 45 minutes!). He ran into a couple walls at first but once someone showed him how to do it it was smooth sailing from there! Dan and I had hoped to get away to Vegas but it didn't happen, oh wait it did- there's Noah in front of the Luxor. We had so much fun with the boys and hope to go back soon since we bought an annual pass.