Sunday, October 30, 2011

Santee Lakes

Could not believe that I actually was able to get Dan to go on a walk with me. Good thing we had breaks including feeding the ducks and playing at the park so it wasn't too much physical activity all at once for him!!! This last picture was a shocker. For those of you who know Grant well he does not cuddle at ALL but for maybe 20 whole seconds he actually rested his head on Dan's shoulder, I so wish I was the one holding him.

Pumpkin Patch

This year we went cheap and went down to Mission Valley since Noah went to Oma's Pumpkin patch with his preschool. Noah had a lot of fun riding different rides and choosing a pumpkin to bring to school for pumpkin carving. Grant loved all the bright orange pumpkins and playing with the hay.

Halloween Fun at Legoland

This past weekend we took the boys to legoland for some halloween fun. Noah was able to go through a haunted trail and received a huge bag of goodies. Though Grant never fell asleep he was a happy boy the whole time. I love how he always has his tongue just sticking out between his lips when he's tired. Then he'll just put the blanket up to his face and suck on it and if we're lucky he falls asleep!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Baby Boy is 1 Years Old

I cannot believe that my baby boy is already 1, where has the time gone. I feel as though now that I have 2 I don't have as much time to put all my focus and energy on just one child this time around. I am now consciously trying to give this little man as much attention as I can. My boys are growing up too fast and it makes me sad. I know I need to start taking advantage of the tender moments I have with these beautiful boys because I know soon they will not want to hang out with me and say sweet things like Noah saying, "momma, I love you- you are the best."

Grant loves to eat anything and we thought for sure he would dig right into his cake unlike his older brother. Grant was not about his cake, it took some time but soon enough he had fun making a mess!

Wild Fun...

Since we have had our passes since February we thought it was about time to go to the Wild Animal Park for some fun. It was way hot so the kiddos had fun playing in the spray park. It was fun having Charlie with us since she's Noah's favorite! Noah loved the bird show since he's all about Rio these days but he wasn't a fan of holding the birds.

This picture is for Graham since he is always commenting on Grants (huge) head! I love this boys cute, perfect, round head :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Big Preschooler...

I cannot believe my little boy started preschool today. With his Buzz Light Year lunch box in hand Noah was all ready to go. I thought for sure I was going to see tears today since he still cries every time I take him to Nursery at church. He just walked right in and started to play with all the toys. I had to stay for a 20 min orientation and he didn't even notice I was there. I kissed him goodbye and he just sat there waving to Grant and I. I then remembered I should take him to the bathroom. I thought, oh great now he's for sure gonna be upset I'm leaving after coming back from the restroom but he just ran right back in and didn't even say good bye. I am so proud of my little man.

Happy 8th year Anniversary...

This past weekend Dan and I got away to Las Vegas for 2 nights in celebration of our 8th year anniversary which is today. Noah got to stay with Grandma Brashear in Corona and Grant stayed with Nana Ford here in San Diego. We stayed at the beautiful Mandalay Bay resort enjoying the relaxing lazy river and body surfing in the wave pool. We ate at buffets, saw the amazing Jabbawokeez, went shopping, saw Crazy Stupid Love (very funny and Ryan Gosling was looking pretty nice!), and best of all slept in and relaxed! I cannot believe it has been 8 years, where has the time gone. I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing, loving, patient man. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, love you!!! xoxo

My little Photographer!

In getting ready for our trip to Vegas I got out our little Casio camera. Noah isn't allowed to play with our nice Cannon so he was so excited to take all kinds of pic's with the Casio! Though I look very scary in this pic I loved how well he took the picture even though his little finger is in the corner. Then he was so excited to have his picture taken, I love how he's always up for having his picture taken.