Thursday, February 26, 2009

The other day Dan & I had both fallen asleep on the coach while Noah was playing in his jumper.  Dan woke me up & this is how we found Noah!  It was too cute so I had to take a pic. The funniest thing was when I took the picture he opened his eyes jumped a few times then fell right back to sleep.  He has since done this again, I think he jumps so much that he gets tired- great way to wear your kids down if you are interested!!! 

Just a couple pics of the babe sleeping in his crib.  I love that all I have to do is give him his blanket (it must be this one for some reason?!) to fall asleep, he loves cuddling with it; he gets the biggest smile and then starts kicking his legs to help put himself to sleep.  I hope it is always this easy!

Ruth's Chris

Last weekend Dan & I invited ourselves to join Rick, Erin, Brad, & Alli at Ruth's Chris- thanks for letting crash your dinner!!!  It was the first time I had eaten there and it was amazing (it better be for $117!).  I am so thankful for my sister Whit for being willing to watch the babe so we could enjoy a night out on the town- it is a blessing having family close by.  It was a perfect night, great weather so we could take a stroll down to the Hyatt.  Thanks for a great night guys!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Universal Studios

Here are some pic's from the backlot tour, it was a lot of fun seeing the sets from War of the Worlds (I think that was the name, the one w/Tom Cruise & Dakota Fanning), Housewives (which was being shot, so we had to be very quite) King Kong, The Grinch, & Psycho (at the Bates Hotel which was pretty scary since the guy was coming right at us!).

Dan and I decided to head up to Universal Studios for Valentines.  I am so grateful for my in-laws, they were able to watch Noah for the night so Dan and I could stay in Hollywood.  We had a lot of fun but unfortunately it was freezing & raining the whole day on Friday but we made the best of it.  We finished the night off at an awesome Italian restaurant where the waiters sing, they were so good- I almost cried when these 2 girls started singing a song from the musical 'Wicked'. We then went dancing which might I add is not as fun when all your doing is worrying about how the babe is doing with out us!  I am so thankful for my loving husband and for how he is always spoiling me- Happy Valentines Babe.

Mom's 50th

My wonderful beautiful mom's 50th Birthday was on the 12th so being the great daughters that we are we decided to throw my mom a surprise Birthday. She was definitely surprised, she was a little upset she didn't know, otherwise she probably would have dressed up for the special occasion! We all had a great time and please don't be upset if you didn't get the invite, it was last minute and in my small little house! We made a nice little Italian dinner and played some games in just how well we knew my mom. The one with my dad holding up a sign saying "me" was the question- who has been your friend the longest, it was of course my moms longest friend Charlo. And the sign my mom is holding up is believe it or not my mom's first pets name & Erin was the only one who knew that one! We ended the night with a yummy cheescake from Extraordinary Dessert's! Well mom, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday- you deserved it.

Christmas PJ's

I know it is a little late but we finally got all the kiddos in their xmas pj's from Nana!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Noah's 1st Seaworld Trip!!!

It was such a beautiful day last weekend so we decided to go get our year pass for Seaworld.  I need to find this boy a hat so his little peanut doesn't get fried, luckily he let us keep his blanky on his head! I can't wait until he is big enough to really enjoy, but for now it is a nice way to get some fresh air!

Sorry I just can't get enough of this boy.  I was taking pictures of Michal & Robert for their wedding announcements so I of course had to get some pic's of us. (I didn't include any of the engaged couple, I don't think Michal would appreciate that!!!)

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