Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yosemite Reprise

Mid July we made the long trek to yosemite with the boys.  We left at night and drove straight to Bishop and then the next morning met up with the rest of the fam and made the long windy drive to Yosemite.   The boys did awesome, I was really worried about Grant since his stomach is not a fan of windy roads- thank goodness for dramamine!  The boys absolutely loved yosemite.  They couldn't get enough of playing in the water and dirt-  they loved getting dirty (as pictured above, look at those dirty faces).  We did lots of fun hikes, tubing down the freezing cold river, riding bikes through the trees (especially to ride for some ice-cream).

First Desert trip

Finally got some old pics from my sister Whitney since she really is the better photographer!!!  This was the boys first trip to the desert along with myself and Dan.  In May 2012 I for some reason bought Dan a dirt bike for his birthday.  Not too sure what month this was from but the boys just loved being out in the open and getting dirty since we all know that doesn't happen very often; I am always wanting them to stay clean! I just love the pictures of them playing together. Though it is hard having them so close in age I wouldn't change anything- they're best buds!

Catching up...My 30th Bday Surprise

So this is one of many posts to come, I have seemed to fall behind.  Soooo with that said I am gonna first go back to June 28th 2012...I know right!!!  I have always wanted a surprise Birthday party and my lovely husband pulled it off.  He told me we were gonna take a bay ride with the boys and our parents.  This is a normal thing since my Dad had a boat but when I arrived all my friends and family were at the bay awaiting my arrival.  Now I do have to admit I had a clue he was up to something. He left the list of food items my mom made for him on his dresser but I had no clue when or where, so this day truly caught me by surprise!!!  He made it a family Birthday so there were tons of kids with a pinata and all, yummy food, and he even purchased a new volley ball net since he knows how much I like to play.  The day was perfect and I couldn't have been happier.