Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach Camp 2011

Yet another fun filled week at beach camp in Carlsbad. I was pleasantly surprised just how good the boys were. As most of you know, Grant is not a cuddler- at all! Every day down on the beach he would lay his head down on my shoulder and sleep on me for a good hour and a half. I treasured ever moment since he never does it, there is just something about the sound of the waves that is so soothing for my boys. Noah of course slept on the beach with out a problem, he can sleep anywhere! We were able to borrow a tent trailer from a good friend, what a difference that made. The first couple nights were rough, having Grant sleep with us but he finally adjusted sleeping in the pack n' play. This year was so awesome having a lot of the family- the Cahoon's, Jesperson's us and so many other friends came for short visits. Can't wait till next year, carrying on the tradition.

HillBilly Golf was a hit for all. Everyone played it all day. Dan and Big "T" were the team to beat. Thanks again Mark!
These boys couldn't get enough of the beach, they never tired of it.
This pictures tells it all, Noah was non stop the entire week. We have been home for three days now and still asks "can I go back to my campsite."
Still can't believe how red this boys hair looks when he's out in the sun. An inch of his roots is white blond, who knows- we might have a toe head just like his daddy was.

Mr and his favorite sandwich- "peanabudder and jelly"