Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

This was the first Christmas that the boys were actually excited for their church outfit.  They are new fans of the suspenders, though Grant thinks they need to be super tight causing his pants to give him a wedgy!!! I woke up a few times early in the morning with Christmas songs in my head, it was like I was a little child that just couldn't wait to wake up!  The boys however slept in till after 7:30.  We were able to open presents and make it on time to 9am church where the rest of my family met up with us.  It was pretty great to attend church on Christmas.  We just sang Christmas hymns, listened to the choir, and heard a few testimonies on Christ.  I am so thankful to be reminded of the sacrifices, example, and love the Savior has for each one of us.

Annual Santa greeting at the Wilckinson's.  This year Grant told Dan, "that isn't the real Santa, it's his helper."  Glad Grant can differentiate between the two.
Annual walk around Starlight circle with the family.

 Candy Cane Lane.  Noah was willing to get out of the truck for a Michael Jackson elf pose!
 Seaworld 2016. Went on opening day to get our annual glass ornament.

Noah's Baptism

Noah was baptized on December 3rd, 2016.  Dan was out of town in September, there were no stake baptisms in October, then I (Justyn) was out of town in November.  I remember in November that Noah was crying that he wasn't baptized yet and that he hadn't gone to scouts yet.  This sweet boy of mine is so sensitive and has such a sweet spirit.  Since all of the Brashear and Ford clan came, the men confirmed Noah after his baptism.  We were all in the YW's room and to set the tone Dan shared a story with all of the family that I actually wasn't even aware of.  Every night Dan spends almost an hour in the boys room when putting them to bed.  He reads stories, reads scriptures, and then just talks to the boys.  One evening after reading Noah made a comment about going back in time.  Noah had said, "Dad why didn't anyone help Jesus.  If I went back in time, I would help Jesus."  I am so thankful for Noah.  He truly is such a caring, sweet, smart, spiritual little boy.  I am so thankful that his Dad was able to baptize and confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Borrego Desert in December

We tagged along with my parents and stayed in their awesome (home like) trailer in Borrego. They stay at a RV resort with pools, jacuzzis, playground, golfing, basketball, and tennis.  The boys loved it.  The first day we went and explored and had fun seeing all the metal statues.  The dragon was our favorite, it was like 250', having to continue on the other side of the road.  The next day the big boys went riding and we stayed relaxing at the poolside.  Finally the last day the boys went on a hike to palm canyon and loved it.  They got to see 3 big horn goats walk approximately 10' from them.  It was such a fun trip even though I am pretty sure it was the laziest 2 days of my life!!!

Baby Boy #3 Shower

Thanks to these beautiful woman I was able to have an amazing and memorable baby shower in November (before all the crazy holiday's).  They are all so talented.  There was so much detail every where you looked and the food was very yummy. So very thankful for these wonderful woman in my life.

Baby Boy #3

Dan and I finally made the decision to add to our little family.  It took about 5 months to get pregnant this time which was a little hard for me.  I had waited so long and then once I finally made the decision I was ready for another child I just assumed I would conceive right away.  In trying to get pregnant I got a little down and decided to eat everything in site, causing me to gain about 10 pounds before getting pregnant.  I waited about 8 weeks before telling the family and the boys. We had a shirt made for grant which read "It's official! I'm not the baby anymore!"  We wrapped the shirt up and had the boys open it.  Noah was the one to read it and his face was priceless.  He was so surprised and then Grant started jumping on the couch once Noah explained what the shirt meant. They were shocked, my mom had all yet given up on us!  Michal was the first one to notice it and Grant tried to run away because he was supposed to be waiting outside until everyone arrived to my moms for Sunday dinner.  
When I was 13 weeks along I decided to have 4D ultrasound for the gender reveal.  I am not too sure why I did this since I had never done it before.  I already knew it was a boy so why find out 7 weeks early when I could wait for the 20 week ultrasound- that way I could still be hopeful for a little girl.  I seriously almost canceled the gender reveal since I was certain that it would be a boy and all my family would be there to witness me crying.  Sure enough, this baby boy wasn't shy letting us ALL know he was in fact a BOY.  Dan immediately grabbed my hand and then the water works started, by me not him! Still can't believe I didn't take any pictures but my sister said I was crying so they just thought I wouldn't want any pictures! After about 2 weeks I got over the fact that I wouldn't be having the experience of a little girl.  I am truly so excited to have another boy.  There something to be said when you have all the same gender, especially sweet boys who love their momma forever.  I know boys, I don't do well with screaming, crying, drama, doing hair, getting up early to do a girls hair.  Boys are easy, less maintenance, less drama, less money (until they start eating like men)! There needs to be better men in the world so I sure hope and pray I do right by them.

July- 3 months along (when the booty was bigger than the stomach)
August- 4 months along
We were so very lucky to capture this sweet boy sucking his thumb.  Hopefully this one will actually take a pacifier and be a calm happy boy!
 September- 5 months along

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