Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Boy!

Normally I always have a picture with every post but I just have to tell a quick story. Last night Dan & I took Noah to Souplantation. On the way Dan was complaining saying "why do we always go here, we are such an old couple- we are gonna do the same thing when we are 50." He is not a fan of souplantation but I can't get enough of it plus it is always easier with a kiddo, so I thought! So normally we go & Noah will just be held by Dan & eat his way through the line- not this time. Noah wouldn't hold still, kicking & constantly trying to get out of Dan's arms. Everyone around us just kept saying how cute he was but I was like "what has gotten into this child". Then all of sudden he kicked his foot & his converse went flying into the salad. I grabbed his shoe as quick as possible hoping no one had noticed but of course the lady next to me just starts laughing. I don't know why he was so hyper, he had even fallen asleep right before we got there. Well all I can say is that it was a good thing we went to Souplantation even its for old people because he wouldn't have lasted in a restaurant!!!


On Thursday my sister & I took our kids to Disneyland. My sister has a year pass & then I was gonna use a 2fer pass that would have expired the next day. We get up there only to find out that we had the wrong ticket, it must have gotten mixed up from the last time we came up because the park was telling us that the ticket had already been used twice. We talked to 4 different people & continued to get the same response. But being the persistent gal that I am I finally decided to ask to talk to a manager. Well they were finally able to find the ticket in their system because Erin had bought her year pass at the same time of the ticket. An hour later we were finally in the park. The kids did great & we had so much fun. Noah wasn't too sure about the characters but he never cried or tried to get away. We didn't get a picture but at one point Noah grabbed Mickey's ear!!!

Disneyland Continued!!!

I know I might sound crazy in saying this but for awhile Disneyland hasn't been something I can't wait to go to but this last time with Noah was awesome. What a different experience Disneyland is when your child gets so excited about all the little rides. Noah was so funny; when we would get close to the front of the line especially Buzz Light Year he would try to jump out of my arms with excitement. He couldn't hold still & was grinning from ear to ear & laughing. I love the joy that children can bring into ones life & I feel so blessed to have Noah in my life.