Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun...

For Labor Day the fam all went down to De Anza Cove for a nice bar-b-que & bay ride. My dad of course couldn't handle just staying in the nice calm bay so we went out to the ocean. Noah wasn't a fan of the big swells but he never cried, just kept his head down on Dad's shoulder. He unfortunately probably takes after me & doesn't feel so good when out on the ocean. I am so thankful for these fun memories with my family & am so grateful to have them so close by.

Yikes, stripes do not help the big belly prego figure at 37 weeks!!!

Chuck E' Cheese

For Noah's 2nd Birthday we decided to do a low key family birthday at Chuck E' Cheese. I don't know why I am such a party pooper but I am glad Dan talked me into actually paying for the Birthday package. It was so worth it. Noah loved it so much, I don't think he stopped smiling the whole night except when Chuck E' Cheese came to sing to him of course. It was so cool they had a fun hat, a necklace, big balloon, ticket blaster, and a very long drawn out Birthday performance by Chuck E' Cheese and his friends!!! Noah still walks around with his crown & necklace on at home saying "Happy Birthday to you.."

Noah loved having his cousins at the party & his best bud Maddox.

I was shocked initially when Noah kept the silly goggles on & actually went inside the Ticket Blaster but Noah got over it real fast so Dan had to do it by himself. I don't know why Noah was still screaming while Dad was in there but at least Dan got about 750 tickets for some fun toys to be had!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Zoo is always fun

Noah is not a fan of the meerkat!

After all this time Dad finally got to go in the skyfari with Noah.