Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love these Two

These two crack me up! I was watching my cute nieces the other day and got these fun video's. First we went to the park and Charlie wanted to ride the bike so she settled for Noah peddling while she enjoyed the ride! Then later that night we were watching So you Think you Can Dance and so the two started dancing together. It was too cute, Noah was humming making music for them to dance to!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Del Mar Fair 2011

Last year we tried the fried S'more and this year it was the fried oreo which I must say is quit delicious as long as you only eat one! I am not quit sure why we go every year. It is crazy crowded and always hard to squeeze through with the stroller but the year wouldn't be complete if we didn't go plus we have to watch the cute girls dance!

Love this Girl

Looking at these pictures I can't help but laugh! Charlotte is the funniest girl ever. This is Noah's best friend (cousin) Charlie, they are the cutest ever. I love how you can't control this lively crazy girl- lover all her funny facial expressions!