Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

This was the first Christmas that the boys were actually excited for their church outfit.  They are new fans of the suspenders, though Grant thinks they need to be super tight causing his pants to give him a wedgy!!! I woke up a few times early in the morning with Christmas songs in my head, it was like I was a little child that just couldn't wait to wake up!  The boys however slept in till after 7:30.  We were able to open presents and make it on time to 9am church where the rest of my family met up with us.  It was pretty great to attend church on Christmas.  We just sang Christmas hymns, listened to the choir, and heard a few testimonies on Christ.  I am so thankful to be reminded of the sacrifices, example, and love the Savior has for each one of us.

Annual Santa greeting at the Wilckinson's.  This year Grant told Dan, "that isn't the real Santa, it's his helper."  Glad Grant can differentiate between the two.
Annual walk around Starlight circle with the family.

 Candy Cane Lane.  Noah was willing to get out of the truck for a Michael Jackson elf pose!
 Seaworld 2016. Went on opening day to get our annual glass ornament.

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