Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Things I LOVE about This BOY!!!

I love your little laugh, you laugh so hard sometimes you get the hiccups. I love when you cross your little ankles when you are sitting like you are Mr. El Relaxo. I love your little dimple on the right side of your mouth. I love when you tilt your head to one side to look at something. I love when you play with my hair. I love that you can be playing but as soon as you hear music on the tv you stop what you are doing and just watch until the song is over. I love your chubby little cheeks so I can kiss them. I love your big green eyes & long eyelashes. I love rocking you to sleep, you fit so perfectly in the crook of my neck. I love all the sounds you make, especially when you smack your gums together- Mr. Toothless! I love all of your expressions, especially your curious face- you always concentrate so hard on things. I love that you are a people watcher just like your momma! I love that just looking at you, you can bring a smile to anyone's face. I love that just the little things make you so happy, I need to remember that at times when I am complaining. I love your sweet little spirit. Most of all I love that you are a part of my life. Love you, my little baby Noah!

Happy 4th of July!

This 4th was very mellow but fun. All the fam came over to our place & swam and then had a bar-b-que. We then all hopped in the back of Grahams truck and parked on the hill going out of our complex. The view was perfect & we didn't even have to go far. Noah was getting tired but did great, next year he'll probably appreciate the fireworks a little more!

A Day with Charlie!

So these pictures really show an everyday interaction between Noah & his cousin Charlotte. Charlie loves Noah & the same for him. He gets so excited when he sees her, waving his arms around like crazy, smiling, and then right away goes for her hair. Charlie is so sweet, she will just hold her head there while he's pulling her hair! Charlie always comes up to Noah & gives him hugs & kisses & says "ticka ticka ticka (she thinks she is tickling him!). They are so cute together & can't wait until Noah is bigger so they can run around together and play.