Monday, February 8, 2010

Little Behind!

I have about 5 posts that I just did, a lot of catching up. Sorry I have been such a slacker but my USB cable to upload my pic's has been missing so I had a pretty good excuse!!


I had so much fun taking these pictures of Noah, the whole time he would say "cheese" & come running for the camera.

Old Town

This past weekend we went the Mormon Battalion & saw the new building, it is quit gorgeous & can't wait to actually see the tour.

Family Pic's

I am in desperate need of some good quality family pic's. Someday I will get some nice ones- this is just my sister messing around in my parents backyard.

Rock n' Out

This is a common occurrence every Sunday, Noah & Graham playing the guitar.
Above is Noah trying to be like Tom Cruise, playing in his socks & T-shirt!!! This boy loves music. Every Sunday now he wants to play drums with his dad. The drums are in a room in the attic so when dan goes up there he can hear him playing & keeps crying "I wan pay." I couldn't understand what he was saying at first but when I said "do you want to play the drums" he right away with a big smile says "yeah". He never wants to stop, hopefully he continues on with his love of music.

Hiking Iron Mountain!!!

So in my attempt to get more active instead of always sitting around at home a couple of weeks ago my sisters & I decided to go hiking. We hiked about 3.5 miles which I might say is quit impressive with this boy on my back. By the end my neck & shoulders were dying but we had a lot of fun. I was very surprised how well Noah did, in the beginning he kept saying "I wan ow" which is "I want out" but he gave up on that & was all smiles the rest of the hike.