Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas 2015

 We love Christmas at Seaworld.  This was the first year they didn't have snow due to the drought but we are excited to hear that they are having snow this year (2016).  Hopefully we can make it to the snow this year but it's not looking good since I can't seem to walk more than 15 minutes before starting to have pain.
 Finn the family Elf always finds fun place to appear each morning for the boys to find.
 We were sad to hear that this was truly the last year the Huish's would open their home to the public.  We have been going every year since the boys were born.  This is where we could our annual picture with Santa, the boys would pick out a toy, write their christmas wish list, and enjoy hot chocolate and cookies.

Grant is just like his momma, has the tongue out when he is concentrating.

Have to get our annul picture in front of starlight circle.  Last year we walked the lights after listening to a beautiful christmas program put on by our stake.

All Noah wanted for christmas was his 2 front teeth!
Love that it is always aunt Michal who actually takes the time to decorate some cookies with the kids.  Personally I just wanna eat them all!
Christmas Eve at uncle Matt's house.  Uncle Matt always smokes a TON of different meats, so delicious.
Star wars Christmas 2015!  Do they play with any of it, nope!

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