Friday, December 23, 2016

Birthday's 2015 & 2016

Noah's 7th Birthday

 I think Noah was more excited to get high top vans than he was getting a remote controlled car.  (I swear these kids ask for something remote controlled every year).

Grant's 5th Birthday
 This Boy is a huge fan of sugar, especially chocolate donuts!
 Annual Birthday stay at Disneyland.

 Noah's 8th Birthday

I had to work, Aunt Erin was so sweet to bring birthday lunch and a balloon for Noah.
Grant's 6th Birthday
Aunt Erin gave Grant pie face.  This was quit the entertainment at his family birthday.  Grant really just wanted to eat the whip cream!

This year we decided to switch it up and stay at the legoland hotel instead of going to disneyland.  The boys absolutely loved it.  We stayed 1 night and went to the park 2 days.  The hotel was so much fun, complete with a scavenger hunt ending with a treasure box filled with a lego set, free delicious breakfast buffet, lego building contest, and of course the boys favorite themed lego room with their own bunkbeds and tv.

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