Thursday, September 18, 2014

Bike Riding

Any time I can get Dan to ride a bike I take full advantage of it. He is always telling me to think of something new to do but I love riding bikes especially down by the beach.  He recently bought a new bike while we were at beach camp in August.  His poor black and red bike go ruined after they fell off an unsecured bike rack!  While at beach camp the gears completely warped so Dan found a near by bike shop and purchased the Electra! 

Here is a bike trip that Dan refused to go on.  I rode the boys by myself to McDonald's and then stopped at the park on the way home. 

My all time favorite bike route is in Coronado, the boys love going under the "blue bridge."

This was the first time everyone in the family had bikes during beach camp so we all rode down to the donut shop in Leucadia.  It is no Mary's donuts but I can always enjoy a glazed twist donut!

Lakeview to Riverview (Wintergardens)

Noah attended Transitional Kinergarden 2013-2014 at Lakeview elementary.  He had a hard time knowing he wasn't coming back the following year.  We sure loved how great the staff was and the great kids in his class.  I loved that they had a music program and so wish they have it a Riverview.  Senorita Rivera was so kind to make a video of all the performances and parties in the class.  After Noah finished watching the video I found him under the kitchen table crying.  He said, "I don't want to go to a new school.  I won't know anyone, my best friends won't be there."  I felt so bad but Noah has since started at Wintergardens and hasn't complained once in lacking any friends.  It is only the third week and when picking up Noah there are tons of kids saying "bye Noah."  Noah never seems to know their names, guess he is just too cool!

Noah started at Wintergardens September 2nd and has been doing awesome.  TK definitely helped him so much.  He is already ready to try reading, when he's in the mood of course!  Cannot believe how much he has grown

St. George

My parents and our family thought it would be fun to take a little trip to visit Robert and Michal in St. George this past May.  We had so much fun exploring, eating, and just hanging out.  

So much fun exploring in Pine Valley. As you're driving to Pine Valley your surrounded by the red rocks but as you drive down into the valley you are surrounded by green pastures and beautiful green pine trees.  It was hard to believe this awesome place was just 45 min from St. George.  We were able to take a tour of a church that was built in the 1800's and is still used as a meeting house for the people who reside in this small town.  Such a fun place for the kids to explore, it reminded them of their favorite place Yosemite!

My dad was kind enough to rent a razor for us non-motorcylce riders!  The boys loves it and so did I.  So awesome to see the red rock formations and sand dunes.  It was a little hot but nice to cool down with SWIG!  Let me just say swig is the best place ever.  Delicious ice cold drinks and my favorite, big soft sugar cookies with pink frosting.  Dan pretty much lived here because he couldn't get enough of the Tripple D otherwise known as a Dirty Diet Dr. Pepper!  It had coconut and mango puree in it,.  Lets just say he was detoxing from sugar by the time we left.  

We also had the opportunity to take a tour of one of Brigham Young's home's. The boys liked collecting pecans that had fallen from the ground as you can see Grant is holding it up in the picture!

By far the highlight of our trip was hiking the Zion Narrows.  We started out early, which was good in the end but so cold when we first arrived.  We were parked and getting are stuff ready  when my dad thought it would be a good idea to take a pee out in the wilderness.  So when the shuttle showed up he was still busy getting his things together.  We then had to sprint to the bus which the driver was so nice to stop in the middle of the street and let us on before the actual bus stop.  Once on the bus everyone aboard started clapping for us in our fast running!  It was so nice to be the only one's on the trail because on the way back it was like fighting crowds at Disneyland.  The water was pretty cold but bearable since we kept moving and my dad was smart enough to make sure we were well prepared with our neoprene boots which I must say were so fashionable!!!  Such a beautiful place and would love to go again.