Friday, December 23, 2016


I am still pinching myself.  I can't believe that Dan and I were able to go on a dream vacation to Kauai all thanks to my parents and my awesome siblings that watched the boys!  So thankful that I have amazing parents that I would actually want to go and stay in a hotel with them for 7 days.  My parents go every October for their anniversary and since we were celebrating our 13th anniversary we thought we would join them!  I was 7 month pregnant but didn't feel like we missed out on anything. I usually just want to sit on the beach or at the pool but Kauai had so many beautiful things to see that we spent most of our time exploring.  
The first day we explored the entire island.  I was not a fan of driving around for 5 hours but it was pretty awesome to just see the entire island with our very own tour guide, aka Big "T" or if he didn't know he would ask his phone, "make it happen droid turbo."!!!! Above is a picture of spouting horn. The lava formed with some holes allowing the water to shoot up when the tide came in.
Waimea Canyon was absolutely breath taking. Wish I was in better shape to do some longer hikes and see more of the canyon.

Loved that I was able to capture this sweet picture of my parents.
We stayed at The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas, complete with a kitchen.  My mom made dinner every night and we packed lunches, I hadn't eaten that good in a very long time since I never cook.  We were able to go to the private beach at the St. Regis.  There wasn't very good snorkeling but right when we were heading in someone showed us 2 huge sea turtles just swimming around, so awesome to see.
The next day we went on an amazing tour down the Wailua River.  We took kayaks down the river then hiked to a water fall.  Dan and I tried to get right behind the waterfall.  The cold water was spraying in our faces, I couldn't catch my breath.  We carefully went along the mossy rocks and made it to the waterfall.  So cute with how concerned Dan was for me, making sure I wasn't going to get hurt being pregnant and all!!!
While hiking the Kuilau ridge trail I felt like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park was gonna eat us at any moment!  This was literally the jungle from jurassic park, so green and beautiful.  On a side note I had to pee so bad while hiking. Instead of just going on a flat surface I decided to go on a little hill, not sure why since I wasn't hidden at all.  I peed so much that I basically created a land slide and started slipping and nearly fell on my butt right into my pee.  I swear I will never know the proper way to pee in the wilderness!!!
Tunnels Beach had the most amazing snorkeling ever.  There were fish everywhere, I felt like I was in an aquarium.  When we were about to head back in, again someone pointed out a sea turtle to us.  So awesome to just swim and watch these graceful creatures.

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