Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween

This year was awesome for the kiddos. We went to a nice neighborhood close to my parents house. It was all cold a sac's and this little community always goes all out for Christmas so we thought we would see what they do for halloween. We were not disappointed. Quit a few houses had their own haunted houses which Noah actually went through and said "it's not scary" but when asked if he wanted to go again he said "No Thank You!" There was a perfect amount of houses, by the last few houses they were all ready do go back to Nana and Papa's house to see what they scored. Grant was loving just grabbing all the candy and of course he found the one person that finally gave him some (thanks Nana). My sister says this is the last Halloween with us since they are moving to Arizona but it better not, she will just have to drive out here next year! Noah and Charlie have to dress up together. Last year they were superman and supergirl. This year Noah was Captain Hook (since he loves Jack and the Netherland Pirate's right now) and Charlotte was cute little Tinker Bell. Oh how I love dressing up these cute little kids. Grant was a little pirate and of course wouldn't keep his hat on but he sure loved his huge sword!

The "Ford" Girls Annual Halloween Bash

Thanks to my awesome parents for allowing us to take over their home the "Ford" girls had another fun successful annual Halloween party this year. We had a lot of yummy treats, costume contest, and dancing competition on the xbox. We also had a projector movie screen outside complete with homemade kettlecorn and a warm fire so everyone could enjoy watching Hocus Pocus. We of course had a theme this year, "Batman" and his gang. Thanks to my awesome sisters I know this party wouldn't have been complete since they are so very talented and creative.