Thursday, November 22, 2012

We continued on with our annual tradition in attending Oma's pumpkin patch.  The boys always have so much fun and can't wait to go back again next year.

My little baby boy turned 2 October 6th!  Like Noah we decided to have his 2nd Birthday at Chuck E' Cheese which he loved.  Though he would not let me put him down he still gave Chuck E' a high 5.  Grant was such a sport with the ticket blaster, he didn't know quit what to think but he went for it and dad collected over 4,000 worth of tickets!  He still talks about his birthday and loves watching the video of him collecting tickets.  I can't believe he is already 2.  I am trying to hold him and snuggle him as much as I can before he wants nothing to do with me!  His favorite things are Dirt Bikes, dancing, and is always wanting to eat! He loves the word NO and every chance he gets to tell me or anyone else for that matter "you're mean".  He is such a fun, sweet boy, so full of life and energy.  I can't get enough of this boys smile, he's always ready for a picture- saying "CHEESE".  LOVE  YOU GRUNTERS!!!

In July I took Noah to Yosemite with my family.  Unfortunately Dan had to work so Grant stayed home with him.  Noah was awesome, he was such a good little traveler and camper.  These were pictures from the first day and then my camera decided to not work so these are the only pictures I got from beautiful yosemite.  We saw deers roaming the campgrounds, a bear run through our campsite and so much more.  We enjoyed floating down the river, hikes, and trips to the camp store!  I probably shouldn't admit to this but I took Noah down the river with no life jacket on.  Though the river was pretty shallow and calm in most parts there was a scary moment for us.  Noah was sitting on my lap and  luckily we were tied on to Whitney's tube because we got pulled into a current and were being sucked under a log in the water.  I couldn't get up so thankfully Whitney came to the rescue.  She was able to get out of her tube and climb onto the log in order to get Noah off of my lap.  Poor Noah was shaking and wasn't a fan of floating down the river anymore, even though we went again the next day ;).  On the return home we ran into the lovely LA traffic.  It took us 3 hours to drive 40 miles- it was horrible but Noah never complained (such a sweet boy).  Noah talks about yosemite still, we can't wait to go back again and hopefully we can bring Dad and Grant with us!

I am so far behind on posting so be prepared for a lot more to come!  This was a fun afternoon on my dad's boat back in June.  My dad took  us out on the rough ocean and went "super" fast.  There were a ton of dolphins, birds, and seals going after the bait so my dad slowed down and circled around so the boys could see the dolphins close up.  My mom and I tend to get seasick and I guess now Grant also.  Poor boy had an episode of throwing up over the side of the boat a few times in a row.  It was so sad but right after he was done throwing up he immediately asked to eat. Throwing up didn't even phase him, this boy loves to eat!  It was such a beautiful day, we are so blessed to live in sunny San Diego.

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