Wednesday, October 17, 2018

2016-2017 School Year...

1st day versus last day of Second grade.

1st day versus last day of Kindergarten.

Crazy Hair Day

Always fun when I can help in the class.

One of the many Pinterest ideas we've used through out the years!

I loved this year at the International Fair.  Grant did so awesome with his dance.  I remember how he would tell me that the teacher would use him and his dance partner as examples to show the rest of the class how to dance.  He wouldn't admit it but I really think he enjoyed learning and performing this dance.  I loved when he went down into near splits!  I was seriously crying while video taping, proud mom moment! They did so good that they were able to perform again at LMS for their dance teachers recital.

These best buds were able to be in the same class but are sad they haven't been in the same class since, maybe third grade will be their lucky year!

Grant sure loved Senroa Mendoza.  She really worked hard with Grant.  She noticed quickly that Grant likes to day dream so she found many ways to get his mind back into class and on track.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

2017-2018 School Year...

First day of school, 3rd for Noah and 1st for Grant.

Last day of school. June 19, 2018

Noah didn't want me to take any pictures, but I snuck a couple!

Crazy Hair Day.

Jogathon. The boys did great.  Noah ran 14 laps and Grant ran 12 laps.

I don't think they had enough candy to build their gingerbread houses!

100th Day of School.  Thank goodness Grant was willing to wear the 100 Pokemon shirt that Noah had worn in 1st grade, I did not want to make another 100 something shirt!

Annual International Fair.  The boys were so brave to get up and dance in front of a lot of people!

 Both of the boys had great teachers, they really enjoyed the school year.  I was able to attend Noah's class promotion in Senora Cochran's class.  I regret not getting a last day picture of Grant and Senorita Arias.


 2nd Day on Earth

First Baby Boy to take a pacifier after an hour of fighting it!

First outing fully dressed to Pioneer Day.

Only picture on your blessing day (so sorry, aunt Whitney can't find the pictures!)  All your family was there for your special day.  Your Dad gave you a beautiful blessing at the El Rey building, the same as your other 2 brothers.  You were about to fall asleep right before your blessing so you cried the entire time since your were woken up!

First Disneyland trip March 14, 2017.

Just like your momma with your tongue out.  You were a perfect sleeper.  You just loved to be swaddled and placed on our bed, you would go right to sleep!  Another non-cuddler.

First trip to Beach Camp during spring break. April 14, 2017.

Playing on your floor mat can be exhausting.

First trip to Vegas. May 6, 2017.

All dapper for church, Blowing rasberries.

One of my favorite outfits of yours.  The pants were from nana and shirt from aunt Erin.  You mostly wore handy me downs from your 2 older brothers so it was nice when you got some new clothes just for you!

Sleeping on the beach.  Cute blanket made by Melanie Mathews from the Botonia ward.

First trip to yosemite.  You did great despite the heat and poor air quality due to a near by fire.  We drove in nana & papa's old motorhome with no a/c,  you were a great little camper. July 20, 2017.

First trip to Great Wolf Lodge in celebration of Grant's Birthday. October 6, 2017

One of many trips to Seaworld.

No rocking or cuddling involved.  Give you your lion and paci and you are good to go.  At 9 months you were ready to be in your own room.  It was a sad hard day for your mom.  I loved snuggling you all night since you didn't sleep long in your co-sleeper.  You would wake up almost every 2 hours to eat and then spoon all night!  I needed to start getting a good nights sleep and after a week in your crib you were sleeping through the night.

You love bath time.  Every time we ask you if you want a bath you would get a huge smile and run to the stairs.

Cutest little Yoda.  I have never made a halloween costume for you boys.  Your creative aunt Michal crocheted this Yoda beanie for you.

Uh oh, pulling yourself up now and getting into things.  Your older brothers were not as curious as you.  You are not a big fan of your toys; you would rather get in all the cupboards. Nov. 4, 2017.

First trip to the New Children's Museum in downtown.

Couldn't come close to a good picture since you refused to hold still!

First Christmas.

HOW did this happen, 1 YEARS OLD!  You were just like your brothers, didn't wanna dig into your cake in fear of getting dirty.  You fussed when we tried to put your hands in the cake.  Dad had to feed your cake to you!