Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Del Mar Fair

Dan and I have both decided a date niggt at the Del Mar Fair is the way to go.  It is so crowded so bringing kids is no fun.  This year we decided to go on a Tuesday to see Pentatonix who is an acapella group.  It was perfect because it was taste of the fair on Tuesday.  We got to the fair at 4 and the taste of the fair was done at 5.  We were able to hit about 10 food booths before our time was up.  This was for sure for Dan since I am not a huge fan of fried food!  Our first stop was my favorite cinnamon rolls then fried oreo's. Dan got cheesy bacon bomb which was a fried ball of jalepeno cheese wrapped in bacon as pictured below (look at all the oil), and a variety of poppers, corn dog, kettle corn and I am sure there was more.  It was so great because each place was only $2.  We have decided from now on we will go on a Tuesday to be able to sample all the yummy food.

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