Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Grant

What, how is Grant 4- does this mean it's time for another baby?!!!  This crazy, fun, spunky, strong wheeled boy celebrated his 4th birthday with the Ford clan at Panda Country.  During dinner Grant kept saying "thanks mom for giving me the idea, I love Panda Contwy.  It is so yummy."  Grant loves their noodles, rice and chicken- what's not to love!  We then went back home for some yummy funfetti cake of course, with Grants favorite Cookies N' Cream.  After serving everyone I realized Grant didn't get any dessert.  He was too busy with all of his new Ninja Turtle toys!  So when laying Grant down for bed he reminded me of this; so I of course gave in and told him he could have his b-day dessert for breakfast!  The next day we headed up to Corona for dad and Noah to attend a football game with all the boys.  Saturday afternoon the Brashear grandparents took Grant to Toy's R Us so he could pick out a present.  This year Grant basically picked everything he got.  Erin took him to Target, then Whitney and my mom took him to Toy's R us- such a spoiled boy! We then spent the night at Grandma's so we could wake up Sunday morning and head on over to Anaheim for some more Birthday fun.

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