Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Dan was so sweet, always trying to be romantic- he loves going on dates.  He surprised be and took me to Spruce Street Bridge which is downtown.  It is a suspended bridge that I was a little scared to cross in heels since it was saying a little!  He bought us a lock and we signed our initials and threw the key below.  While trying to have this moment a lady asked is she could photograph us.  She swears she is going to send us these professional grade pic's but I have yet to see them!  We then were going to go to Fillipo's but I had the bright idea to try something new since we don't venture to downtown very often. That was a big mistake, I need to just stick to what I know since I am not a fan of expensive fancy food!  We tried Davanti in Little Italy.  The ambience was really cool but the staff wasn't friendly and the food was way too over priced.  The ravioli pictured above is just A ravioli for $12, what!!!- at least it was yummy filled with an egg!  Since we weren't full we headed across the street for some delicious yogurt land.  I love this man of mine, so much fun spending time with him.

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