Saturday, February 28, 2015

Halloween Festivities

Due to my work schedule I don't often get to help in Noah's class so it was so much fun to be able to help him and his classmates carve a pumpkin.

My sisters may call me cheap but if your child wants to be a Power Ranger for the 3rd time in a row and the costume still fits I won't deny him of that happiness!!!  Grant first wanted to be a Power Ranger again but quickly changed his mind to be a Ninja Turtle.  Erin not liking the cheesy costumes I put my boys in talked Grant into being Olaf.  He as one cute Olaf and was fine with it at the trunk or treat but when the day of halloween came he threw a fit.  I of course had to bribe him with candy to keep it on.


We had to keep with tradition and go through there candy and categorize it!  G-pa J gave each boy $1 for a snickers, silly G-pa it was only a fun size one!!!

Not quit sure what triggered Grant to get in such a poor mood right before we were leaving for Trick or Treating.  This year is was a lot of fun to have the Lounsbery's come with us.  We started with pizza as usual then headed out.  Grant didn't want to wear his costume, he didn't want to put the hood on his head.  As I mentioned before we should have just stuck to a power ranger once again!  He didn't even want to get in the picture, as seen below (Tyler, his best friend is just looking at him like- why are you so mad!)  Luckily he eventually got over it, cause there was candy involved!!!

We love this cute little neighborhood close to my mom's house.  It is just 2 culdesacs which is the perfect amount of houses for the kids.  The boys are actually brave enough for the mini haunted house trail.  Tyler wasn't such a fan since he wet himself on Tate, oopsy!  I even screamed in this one, which I guess isn't very hard to make happen.

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