Saturday, February 28, 2015

Christmas Festivities

Always have to make sure to get our Christmas ornament at Seaworld for the boys to put on their trees.

Grant was so excited to put the star on top of the Christmas tree since I am a mean mom and don't let the boys help decorate my tree...what, they have their own!!!

We were able to visit the Mormon Battalion Center with Grandma and Grandpa Brashear.  We were the only one's there so Noah was excited to get dressed up as a soldier.  Of course we ended the day at delicious Guadalajara. 

 Such a great family night at the temple listening to beautiful Christmas music and seeing the pretty lights.

Haven't missed a fancy Bostonia ward Christmas dinner yet!

The Wilckinson's are always so nice to have Santa and Mrs' Claus come visit all the kiddos. This is the second time and the kids always get so excited.  This year all the kids where upstairs when Santa was leaving and for some reason the kids were looking out the window and saw Santa get in a car and drive away.  Noah ran down to tell me and I had to turn away from him to keep from laughing. I am not a good liar and not quick enough or clever enough to come up with a reason as to why Santa was riding in a car and not his sled.  Sometimes it is just too hard keeping up with Santa being real, is it worth it?!  Noah always says all of the Santa's you see around are fake but at least he still believes in the REAL Santa that comes to his house!

As always I enjoy when I can help in Noah's class, he gets so excited when his "mom" comes to his class to help.

Dan is not a fan of the fact that I won't let tradition go.  Every year since the boys were little we have taken a picture in front of Starlight Circle.  Last  year no one and including this year wanted to walk the circle- what is wrong with people.  So once again we had to jump out take a quick pic and jump back in the car.  Well at least I got our picture.

 Here's another tradition he gets bugged about!  I know the Huish's house is crazy busy but we can't not go.  The boys this year wrote letters to Santa.  Dan tried to make us leave when he saw the line for taking a picture with Santa, but it's tradition!

Darn Noah's ear sticking out, where's Whitney when I need her!

My awesome cousin Chad had bout about 10 laser guns so we could play at thanksgiving.  The boys loved them, it was the only thing they asked for for Christmas.  And where are they now, up in a closet, never played with.  I guess we will have them for the Thanksgiving 2015 reunion!

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