Friday, June 13, 2014


We are always spending the day at Seaworld!  Recently they have some awesome art displays.  A non-profit organization in Oregon takes all the trash they find on the beach and makes art out of them.  This fish is made only from trash on the beach. 

Dan finally was able to go to Seaworld with us.  We went over Memorial weekend which was a big deal because Noah's favorite show had just started up again for the summer.  Every time Noah asks to go see the Cirque De La Mer show and I always have to tell him it isn't open yet.  So he was so excited that it was. We got there nice and early so we could get front row seats.  Noah wasn't happy with this choice and I didn't quit understand why.  It wasn't until the opening act that I figured out why.  He is so shy and was afraid he would get picked to come up to the front and perform with the sea creatures!  So being the nice wife that I am when they were looking to pick someone I secretly pointed to Dan!  I was so excited when he got picked, him not so much!  As you can see in this video he was at least a good sport about it.  In one of the videos Noah is trying to stop me from filming since he wasn't happy Dad was up there!!!  Such a fun time, something I won't forget.

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