Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dan's Birthday Celebrations...

It was so fun to have Dan's parents come and visit us for the day in May.  We first went to the Ruben H. Fleet Center at balboa park.  We watched a movie in the awesome dome theater then played around with all the fun things the museum had to offer.  The fun little tower Grant is sitting by inspired me to have some fun then Dan later joined in.  We then went to Mission Vally where Dan proceeded to buy 3 pairs of shoes for his birthday, mine and his mom's treat!  We finished the night at the delicious cheese cake factory.  After waiting an hour for a table we finally got sat, only to find out we were to sit outside where it was getting cold and windy. Luckily Dan's dad spoke up and got us a nice spot inside.  Dan got his usual parmesan crusted chicken and I of course got the delicious chicken madera meal.  By then we were stuffed but it was a celebration for Dan's bday so we had to get some yummy dulce de leche cheesecake!
We always seem to find ourselves in Vegas for Dan's birthday.  This year however we were unable to find tickets to attend Coachella with the rest of the clan so we settled for Vegas!  Since we were to go to Utah the end of May we figured we could squeeze Vegas in the month of April instead.  Besides having hotel reservations at our favorite spot at Mandalay Bay we had no other set plans.  During our drive to vegas I decided to look up ticket master to see what was going on for the weekend we would be there.  We were so excited to find out that Ellie Goulding (one of the performers at Coachella that we were sad we were missing) was playing op top of the Cosmopolitan.  It was so crazy when we got there, the end of the line was clear to the opposite end of the hotel.  We were afraid we were too late but found ourselves close to the front of the stage.  She put on such an amazing show, we had so much fun.  The view on top of the hotel was awesome, able to see the whole strip.  We can't wait to see another show here, such a great venue.
For the actual day of his Birthday I got reservations at Ruth's Chris which is always delicious.  Dan is all about fancy restaurants, calamari, steak and a good date!!!  We then walked around downtown and enjoyed the views of the harbor and great weather.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband and thankful I get to celebrate the day of his birth every year.

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