Sunday, March 9, 2014


I love how my boys can fall asleep anywhere and anytime.  One day when getting out of the shower I was calling for Noah and he was no where to be found.  I then remembered I thought I had seen him go under my bed while I was in the shower and sure enough there is was! 

I am so thankful my boys look forward to going to the dentist.  

Love our friends, so fun going trick or treating at Seaworld.

Wacky week at school- inside out day and crazy hair day!

I love that I can go shopping with these boys.  They never run in and out of the clothes racks and USUALLY stay with me.

Dad and Noah were away so Grant and I had a date at Souplantation!

Always a good time with the Russell's!

New Year's Eve was spent with my family again, nothing better.  We had delicious Panda Country followed with yummy treats and fun games.

Visting "THE CAMP" in Mission Viejo when dad was out there for a week preparing for the Series 7 test.  Such a cute place, the boys enjoyed it.

This is the first time I had to leave everything in the cart at Target and leave because Grant would not calm down.  I can't recall what made him so mad but it was rather embarrassing.  He cried or rather screamed the whole way home, is wan't 3 yet- does that make it ok?!

Handsome boys on the dirty steps of the 2nd street building!

Though I am not a big listener of Tim McGraw he sure is nice to look at.  Dan was sweet to surprise me but lets just say the crowd on the GA grass seating are not the most classy people in the world!

Since we got away for our Anniversary we got to spend the day of our actual anniversary with these cute boys at Olive Garden.

Always a fun day at the zoo with Grandpa and Grandma.

Don't know how I didn't get a picture of myself all dressed up in pioneer gear, good thing though- I don't need any proof that I actually dressed up!

Sexy date at Flemings for Valentines followed with delicious Ghiradellis!

We sure love souplantation, especially when we get to make silly faces.

Before Mrs. Patty retired Grant was able to attend a session of Preschool with her.  He always seemed to love going but never really wanted to get involved with singing and story time; He just liked playing solo.

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