Sunday, March 23, 2014

Christmas 2013

We had planned to take pictures in the daylight but of course ran out of time.  This years family pic was a last minute thing.  Whitney used a floor lamp and the boys were tired but I think it turned out ok!

Mrs. Patty always makes Christmas special.  Complete with a Christmas feast, cookie decorating, and opening presents.

The Wilckinson's were nice enough to have us over to see Santa this year.

It's always a tradition to take a picture in front of the Starlight Circle sign.  This year just flew by and no one seemed to be excited in doing the yearly traditions.  We barely got my mom to agree to make sugar cookies then no one wanted to walk Starlight circle so we all crammed into my moms car!  This was the first time we went to Seaworld and the boys got to play in the "snow" and go sledding.

Though we missed the christmas choir this year it was awesome to see the beautiful Christmas lights at the temple for family night.

Grant was so excited to go to Noah's school for some cookie decorating.

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