Saturday, February 1, 2014

First Days...

Noah's first day of Transitional Kindergarten was September 3rd.  I thought it would be best not to start him in actual Kindergarten (though there is no difference- he's in school 8:40-2:30) since he didn't turn 5 until the 12th.  I believe 2 years of Kinder will be better so that way he's a little older, bigger, and more mature.  He of course cried along with  myself the first day but ever since has been great.  He is in Spanish Immersion and is loving the language.  Then Grant started his first session of Preschool with the lovely Mrs. Patty on October 2nd.  He was used to going to the classroom when Noah had Mrs. Patty so leaving him he had no problems!  Can't believe both of my baby boys are in school!

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