Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beach Camp 2013

How did I forget to document our yearly beach camp trip- I was such a slacker in 2013!  What can I say, beach camp is always AH-MA-ZING!!!  Love that every year Charlie and Noah sit up on the rocks together to eat their lunch, love those 2.  The Grunts still would fall asleep on me but for the most part stayed up all day.  Grant had actually decided to potty train himself the day before we left for beach camp.  We were at Target and he tells me he needs to go to the bathroom.  I of course thought, yeah right.  But low and behold he did and to top it off he went #2!!!  The first few days it was a pain taking him to the bathroom every hour while camping.  One day while down on the beach he wouldn't go in the water so at one point he seriously sat on a bucket at went (hey the bucket was broken, we didn't use it again!).  He kind of regressed since I wasn't good about taking him to the bathroom but literally as soon as we got home he was fully trained, no accidents!  It is so fun having more and more cousins join us camping.  Noah was Landon's (my cousins 15 year old son) shadow, he loved that kid and Landon was sweet to actually hang out and talk with Noah.  

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