Saturday, March 13, 2010

Crazy Boy!

Normally I always have a picture with every post but I just have to tell a quick story. Last night Dan & I took Noah to Souplantation. On the way Dan was complaining saying "why do we always go here, we are such an old couple- we are gonna do the same thing when we are 50." He is not a fan of souplantation but I can't get enough of it plus it is always easier with a kiddo, so I thought! So normally we go & Noah will just be held by Dan & eat his way through the line- not this time. Noah wouldn't hold still, kicking & constantly trying to get out of Dan's arms. Everyone around us just kept saying how cute he was but I was like "what has gotten into this child". Then all of sudden he kicked his foot & his converse went flying into the salad. I grabbed his shoe as quick as possible hoping no one had noticed but of course the lady next to me just starts laughing. I don't know why he was so hyper, he had even fallen asleep right before we got there. Well all I can say is that it was a good thing we went to Souplantation even its for old people because he wouldn't have lasted in a restaurant!!!

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